Platform for Exchange

Manual Exchange

You are about to begin reading the first post of the F Collective Blog. Its one of those posts you are not entirely sure will make any sense but some sort of exchange will transpire. The F Collective is a group made up of  interesting and engaged individuals, not unlike yourself, trying to disseminate and respond to the world around us through different platforms, particularly provoked by the state of gender and feminist issues embedded in society today. And tomorrow, and predictably for some time to come.

You can expect to find here an archive of the Collectives meetings and topics that are discussed. Images, news, and thought provoking information. If you are part of the collective, hello, you have the ability to contribute to this site and develop upon the conversation, connecting others to interesting things. If you are reading this blog because you stumbled across it whilst searching for something else, sat in a cafe drinking your coffee, curiosity heightened, you may wish to follow this group, save the site in your bookmarks and keep returning to see what new exchanges have occurred.


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