18 Things Females Seem To Not Understand (Because, Female Privilege) – A Response

Emaline Lapinski


If this is a satire piece, dear God, it’s a good one.

I stumbled across this little gem while on Tumblr, once again spending my time blogging and not really doing anything of importance. Once I saw it, I immediately knew I had to write some kind of response or parody to it. If this article really is satire, please let me know, and a huge fear that there are people out there who actually believe this kind of BS will disappear (clicking through to the author’s profile on ThoughtCatalog and reading his about page – which states that he writes about “men’s issues” – doesn’t really assuage that fear). Like my previous responses, I will be picking each point and offering my rebuttal. As a forewarning, many of the “issues” the author brings up have to do with the patriarchy, so I will be mentioning it quite a few times…

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