‘Man Up’

Another blogger posted this line: “Gender is the chain, and male supremacy is the ball. Just because males sometimes trip over that chain does not erase that fact that the ankle it’s cuffed to is always female.” Found here – http://bendittilitbreaks.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/response-to-mann-open-letter/

I have a strong opinion towards men who reply to my feminism with “but why don’t you support men as well as women? Men have it rough too”. There’s no denying that men are affected by sexism, and that it plays a role in their lives too.

But that’s just it – men are affected by sexism TOWARDS WOMEN. The same ideals that are forced onto women, sometimes cross the line into affecting men too. It’s not a separate issue, it’s the SAME issue!

It’s ’embarrassing’, ’emasculating’ even, to be perceived as ‘feminine’,  or as a man who is into/in the habit of these things regarded as ‘feminine’. Men cannot be ‘delicate’, be emotional, be sensitive. Because these are things associated with womanhood, and to be a man associated with womanhood is disgusting. Turn it around, however, and a women interested in ‘masculine’ things is attractive? There’s a clear issue here, which people tend to overlook because of how normalised it is. It shows how subtly sexism is ingrained into our society, and how carefully psychological it is. It’s a parasite which lives in us and around us without us realising.




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