The Guerrilla Girls have updated their classic posters to take a jab at Pharrell, the music industry, and Galerie Perrotin


“The real cost of casual sexism”

“The real cost of casual sexism”

The same wilful blindness that makes each of us so quick to imagine that we personally know very few victims of domestic abuse crosses over into our convenient dismissal of public, acceptable sexism. “It doesn’t matter, because he’s a good guy and I know he doesn’t mean it,” you might think. “It’s just a joke” … “It’s banter” … “He probably meant it as a compliment”, and so on.

Why are women so ‘unhappy’?

Why are women so ‘unhappy’?

One of the strangest anti-feminist stereotypes to me – among the Birkenstock-wearing and bra-burning – is the idea that we’re unhappy. Angry. Bitter. Both because the foundation of the insult is the assumption that women should be perpetually happy, and because the truth is that the culture doesn’t actually mind if women are unhappy – so long as we keep it to ourselves.